Reporting the end of an employment contract

When a Belgian employment contract ends, you as an employer need to:

  • immediately complete a Dimona OUT in the online service Dimona (in French) to report that your employee is leaving your employment
  • provide the necessary information to the NSSO in the online service DmfA (in French) to enable the calculation of the remaining social security contributions.

A Dimona OUT means the ending of a period. This means that it must be done at the latest on the first working day following the last day of the employment contract.

Specific formalities concerning employment contracts ending after midnight, with or without notice, can be found under ‘Dimona OUT’ on the page about the various Dimona declarations under Administrative instructions on the social security portal (in French).

  • a break in employment or an absence
  • a transition to part-time work

In these cases, the employment relationship between employer and employee continues to exist.

National Social Security Office (NSSO)